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Stephen Haxby BA (Hons), MSc, MBA
Managing Director
Stephen has worked on scores of major bids, in telecoms, IT, financial services and consulting. He has fundraised millions of pounds for disability charities. He has designed corporate communications including logos, brands, ads, straplines, sales documentation and strategic thinkpieces.

Business Proposals works with a number of Associates -

John Auckland Abbey MA
John has extensive private and public experience in marketing, fundraising, and sales proposals. He has written many successful proposals and consulted on marketing strategy and brand for charities and corporates.

Martyn Gough BSc
Martyn has vast experience of proposal writing and strategic bidding, principally in electronics and defence. He has written and presented technical and commercial proposals internationally, particularly in the Arab region.

Business Proposals also calls on a wide range of consultants who work in publishing, graphic design and web-based media, brand marketing and ethical marketing.